Climate Control

The Facility has computer controlled environments consisting of several zones. This system provides for greater flexibility under varying light and weather conditions. The multiple roof vents in our structures allow for greater and more efficient venting when required. This venting capacity is especially well suited for hardening plants. As such, our facility is well equipped to reduce DSV and minimize the risk of plant pathogens, regardless of weather conditions. In addition, the use of multiple zones using separation curtains, also provides a second tier of plant isolation and accomodates climate requirements for each specific crop.


Oasis is equipped with a complete seeding line including a Blackmore cylinder seeder. We are capable of seeding raw or coated seed. Tray cell sizes include 18, 36, 50, 72, 128, 200, 288 & 338. Watering booms have individual fertilizer injector units to provide optimum nutritional requirements for individual seed lots. The germination chambers are equipped with in floor heating and precision climate control. Our plant handling system consist of galvanized steel racks.


To assure that all target shipping dates meet our customers requirements, the ongoing monitoring and charting of crop performance gives us a more accurate account of growth progress. Extensive seeding records as well as plant growth charts, watering charts, production & pesticide records are kept. Production records are available to our customers for viewing at any time.


Oasis is open from 8am to 6pm during the plug plant season. We strongly recommend calling to schedule a pick up time to ensure that the plants are properly prepared for shipping. Advance calling gives us the opportunity to pre load plants in our yard trailers for quicker turn around times on customer arrivals to our facility.

For long distance clients (Canadian & International) we offer a carting system for transports or cube vans. Our galvanized steel racks hold 16 trays, once loaded on these carts a transport load can hold up to 2496 trays.

In addition to plant counting and frequent plant inspections, our twenty inch "50 cm" walkways provide quick and easy access for plant lot monitoring and plant counting. This is also convenient for our customers.


24869 Winter Line Road, Chatham, Ontario   N7M 5J8     Phone: 519-355-0191